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Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency right now in the world but it is suffering serious problem as a currency, the transaction speed is ridiculous slow and transaction fee is scarily expensive ! It no longer serve the purpose of being a currency and this is going to haunt it's value in long term, Segwit2x was originally scheduled , but canceled due to Bitcoin Core Dev selfishness ! We are a group of enthusiasts hoping to solve bitcoin's problem by forking it ourself at block 505,000. This ERC20 token is created to promote community awareness, gather more supporters for the project.


Bitcoin’s mempool is filled with unconfirmed transactions. By hosting on ethereum blockchain, B2X manage to have a faster transaction speed than Bitcoin by increasing the block size to 2 MB and implementation of segwit.


B2X will be implementing Replay Protection to ensure the safety while fork occurs.


The implementation of segwit 2x is almost ready and it's open source , you can check it at this github page:


We solve bitcoin core problems

What expert says

Most of the experts agree that Segwit2X makes bitcoin better. SegWit is not just a block scaling solution. The main fix is transaction malleability, which would allow Lightning Networks to be built on top of Bitcoin.


Those who think to keep the block size small, have no common sense.

Roger Ver

I urge Bitcoin Core to adopt a base block size increase on Bitcoin.

Jihan Wu

I consider bitcoin's *failure* to raise block sizes.

Vitalik Buterin

There are a bunch more nice features of SegWit.

Charlie Lee

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